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Is This Real Life?

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Of all good things.

I have found myself asking more than once, “Is this real life?”

How do I even begin to write about something that my heart can’t fathom yet? God is so good.

I had the privilege to speak at Teach Them Diligently in Rogers, AR two weeks ago and Nashville, TN this past weekend. Both were amazing. Both were a display of God’s work in all things.

My beautiful 16-year old daughter traveled with me to Arkansas and it was an adventure. It was our first time flying anywhere alone and we loved every minute of it. Even the 3 am wake up call for the 6 am flight was no big deal. I ran on coffee and adrenaline the whole time!

We absolutely loved the rural feel of TTD Arkansas. The airport was mindblowing, as we landed straight there in the middle of cow fields with no skyscrapers (or buildings, for that matter) in sight. Quite different from when we took off in Newark NJ! Oh, and there was one road out of the airport. Navigating this area was my cup of tea 😉

I loved every family I was able to meet, the fellow writers and speakers that I have interacted with online for years but hadn’t met in real life, and just being a part of such a God-honoring event.

Amy of Raising Arrows!

Rachael Carmen of Apologia– I have admired her for years and now I am writing for her at Rooted Daily Devotionals <3

Another highlight was this incredible rainbow. Grace and I had gone out to dinner and were driving back to the hotel in a terrible rainstorm. There was lightning and thunder and downpours so bad that we could barely see.

As we neared the hotel, there was a church with these three enormous crosses and I noted to my daughter how God was showing up right there in the storm to make His presence known. I sort of joked and said, “Ok, God, now show me a rainbow.” Now I am not one to tell God what to do 😉 I was really just saying it tongue in cheek. Although I do have a special connection with rainbows (but that’s a whole other story for another time.) 

Anyway, as the words came out of my mouth, I turned my head and literally beside us was this HUGE, double, full arched rainbow. It was SO bright. I screamed so loud that I scared Grace. We were both in awe.

We pulled into the convention center and the rainbow literally went over the entire center. It was nothing short of jaw-dropping, and pictures don’t do it justice. There was this rainbow, but lightning was still striking all around it. It gave me the chills and reminded me of the spiritual warfare going on around us, but God PREVAILS. (just sayin…Ken Ham was finishing up speaking at this exact moment. Crazy, right?)

Anyway, we came home for two days, celebrated my girl’s Sweet 16, and then the whole family headed back on the road to TTD Nashville for the next weekend. It’s about a 13-hour drive, and once again another 3 am wake up call! (but I love it!)


What can I say? The Gaylord Opryland is majestic. The convention here is enormous. Everything about it was perfection.

The icing on the cake? My parents joined us! They flew down and met us there. It is always miraculous for me to speak when they are there, particularly when I gave my talk, “Called Home” and told the story of their strong opposition to homeschooling, and how God has worked miracle upon miracle in all of us. Truly a blessing beyond compare.

Another highlight was workshopping with The Gettys! Keith and Krystin Getty did a fabulous job of kicking off the convention with a lovely concert complete with their new children’s hymns and a full choir of children from families at the convention. It was precious.

In Christ Alone!


As I try and recoup (emotionally even more than physically) this week, I can’t help but praise the Lord for all He has done. I can’t believe this life I live is real. The opportunities He has provided to minister to others is such a blessing. The people I have met are amazing. None of this makes sense logically…that He would use me for anything…but I will never stop praising for what He has done and continues to do!

If you will be in Atlanta next month, I will be speaking at Teach Them Diligently Atlanta and would love to see you! These events are so truly incredible. Don’t miss it!


I am so grateful for my family and their support and just doing life together with them!

Here are some more snippets of our time!


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