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Living Water in Dry Times

Today was one of those days where everything fell into place. In light of the whirlwind that seems to pause for just a second these days and then stirs right back up again, we found some time to really enjoy the simple.


I walked with my kids all over our property exploring nature and relishing in temperatures that weren’t freezing. I observed the kids run through the crunchy leaves, explore the woods that are now accessible since the leaves have fallen, and just enjoy nature. As they tromped about the back of our property where there was once a flowing stream, they were in awe of the dried up empty bed, which once was filled with water–in fact rushing water at times– filled with frogs and creatures and life…now it was barren. And dry. So, very dry.


Even our spring house was completely dried up.


It reminded me of life these days. I am remembering a time where everything seemed ideal and life was full and overflowing. But life…it ebbs and flows. And the season is a bit dry, presently. The stream has disappeared for a bit.

But as I said to my kids about the water, “We just need some rain and one day this will all be a stream again…flowing as it was, filled to the brim.”

I trust that life moves forward. Even though a bit dry right now, the true Living water never runs out and is continually flowing through our life. It never runs dry.

And life will soon change its course again and will fill back up, and the dry times will fade once again…

Yes, life is full of ebbs and flows, but Jesus is constant.

So even in the times that seem a little dry, I am grateful I was able to enjoy this simple time today and let it remind me that the water will return.

And I have joy daily. So much joy. Because it is not dependent on my circumstances but on my Jesus.


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Enjoy the simple. Every day. In the highs and the lows. Soak in His presence.

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