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Simple Lesson on planning…

I love to plan. I love planners and making plans.  And guess what? They often fail.
Big plans, little plans, they all are still God’s plan.

Today I had a friend over for an unplanned visit and coffee.  It was one of those, “Come on in and have coffee…”visits.
It was such a simple reminder of why things that are often unplanned are better than what we have planned.

Simple unplanned visit. 
Catching up.  

It’s funny because while we chatted, we talked about the very topic of plans.
How we are always looking for the big plan of our life, praying about it, and looking to God for direction.
And all along we are on the plan.
We must not rush it.  Let it unfold in his perfect timing.

Just like an unplanned visit.
We never know what we need until God places it there.

Simple. Simple. Blessings.

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