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Boredom Busters…

I made this simple container this week. it is our “Boredom Buster Can.”

I filled it with lots of creative ideas.  When the kids are finished with their schoolwork or are just looking for something to do, they can go to the Boredom Buster Can.

Examples of boredom busters:

Make a newspaper

Write a letter to a friend (not an email!)


Make playdough and play bakery

Make an obstacle course

Make a play

Puppet show

Create a comic strip

Sketch nature/research a new finding

Research a foreign country you would like to learn about

Practice musical instruments

Practice Rosetta Stone

Build something!

Read a new book

The possibilities are endless.  I will continue to add more as needed.

What a simple, easy idea to eliminate the “I’m Bored!” syndrome!

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