Simply Living for Him

A Simple Life Brings Freedom

I was thinking this morning about living more simply and how much freedom it brings. This world is so complicated and loud and distracting. We can so easily get pulled in a direction that brings us further from God.

When I choose to live simply, though, and don’t need all of “stuff” this world offers, it brings so much freedom.

Life is short. Live free. Live simply.


Simple Brings Freedom.


  • Freedom from the want of more…which never really ends. There is always the “next best thing.” Be free and content with a simple life.
  • Freedom from keeping up with others. You no longer live to keep up with the Joneses, but with God.
  • Freedom to live…truly live. Enjoying every moment for what it is, and not only celebrating the big stuff.
  • Freedom to worship God uninhibited by distractions. More of Him, less of this world.
Choose simple today.


Way to live simply:


*Focus on needs, not wants.

*Serve others first, and not yourself. 

*Live up to God’s standards and not the world’s.

*Spend more time filling up on real things- relationship building, service, prayer, etc.

*Have less clutter, and more joy.

*Spend less time on unnecessary or extras that cause stress and do not bless.

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