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Getting Rid of Stuff Won’t Solve Your Problems

So many of us struggle with the never-ending cycle of purging clutter only to have to creep right back in. The problems we feel that it causes never seem to be solved. We only end up more frustrated because we are back where we started, and often worse than before.

Truth is, getting rid of stuff won’t solve your problems.

Because it was never about the stuff.

Now, let me back up for a second, because yes, part of it is the stuff. Of course. But let’s take a look closer.

You know how people who are having money problems always think if they just had more it would solve their problems in life? The answer is partially, yes it would. The stress of bills being paid, working endless hours, and fear over debt would be eliminated. But what tends to happen to most that think this way, is that even when they make more money, problems don’t disappear. More money often equals more problems. Maybe even different problems. It is the way we handle that money that is the issue. Whether it is the lack of it or the abundance of it. 

Because it was never about the money. 

Or how about the yo-yo dieter. They finally lose the weight, but haven’t dealt with the issues, and no sooner have they gained the weight again. We have to learn how to handle money or food or whatever is causing us problems.

It’s the same with our stuff. Even if we finally found a way to keep our homes clutter-free or went to the extreme of minimalism, if we don’t deal with heart issues, the problems will continue. They may manifest in a different way, but they will still be there.

We watched a documentary about minimalism not long ago and I remarked to husband afterward, “They still don’t have Jesus.” Sure they made it seem like their lives were problem-free once they were clutter-free, and perhaps they were. But they still didn’t have Jesus. So in the end, in my eyes, they still have a big problem.

All of us have a problem at the root of ourselves. Sin. Every single human being has this very same issue. And it reveals itself in many ways for all of us.

Lack of self-control being one of them. Indulgence being another. Or simply focusing on ourselves and our comforts before focusing on God.

Jesus is truly the only answer to our human nature and our sin. He lived and died for us to take that sin away. How freeing is that? More freeing than any system that promises a life with less clutter.

If we don’t deal with our sin nature, which really is our problem until we get to glory some day, we will never feel content or satisfied–whether we have an abundance of stuff or we are living with the minimum.

Many of us live in the never ending cycle of getting rid of stuff only to have it pile up again for various reason, but it all goes back to our human nature.

Once we recognize that we need to deal with our hearts before our stuff, we will finally be on the road to understanding how to live more simply once and for all.

Living for Jesus above all eliminates our need to live for things, and that is the beginning of a whole new path to living simply.


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