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Cleaning Up For Company?

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Say the word, “friends coming over,” and I’ve been known to get my house in tip-top shape. I remember years ago, early on in my home keeping years, that was the motivation for many house projects.

It all started when we moved into our first home a month prior to my daughter’s 1st birthday. If that doesn’t get you unpacking quickly and working on projects, then I don’t know what will 😉 I remember that month we were in full blown decorating and project mode to prepare for our first party in our new home. The trouble is, looking back I realize my focus was on how things looked (or perhaps impressing my guests) rather than who was visiting my home.

As the years went on, I remember we’d have a playgroup weekly in our home or family gatherings, or Bible studies. It always seemed to be the motivator to make my house “look” just right. I remember many last minute trips to Home Goods because I wanted things just so.


I look back at those times and realize how wrong my mindset was. Cleaning up for company is not a life I want to live. 

I want to show my family that we always should strive for order and neatness and not just when company is coming. Furthermore, decorating binges on the eve of family gathering, so everything looks picture perfect, is really just putting up a facade.

I want my life to be real and authentic. I want my home to show its imperfections if need be, because the truth is I am not a decorator (nor do I really want to be. 😉 ) I don’t want the illusion that I have it all together when the truth is if you open a closet, things are falling apart.

I now live with the mindset that my home should look and feel comfortable for the people who live here everyday and not just for those visiting. I make it a point to pick up throughout the day, out of respect for those who live here. Sometimes I even try to set the table special at dinner with the good cloth napkins and matching plates and glasses, even if I don’t have to, just because going that extra step makes those who live here know they are worth the extra effort.

I also know that days come when I can’t keep up with the piles, or the dishes sit in the sink, or the laundry is not put away, or we’ve eaten on paper plates in the living room, and frankly, if someone stops by, so be it. This is real life. I don’t want to put up a facade in my home or in my life. I believe whole heartedly in being 100% real with all those I come in contact with. Even if it means someone stops over and I haven’t cleared the dust bunnies.

Cleaning up for company is not a way of life. I am much more relaxed when I do little jobs often, rather than one big cleaning job weekly. The house is presentable at all times, and it also tells my family that we respect our home and I respect them.

Do you find you clean up for company more than for those who live in your home? Choose today to change your mindset. Stay on top of little tasks, and let those who live in your home know they are just as important as comany.

And next time you you have a big gathering, focus on how people feel in your home, rather than how it looks. People and relationships over stuff wins every time.

People and relationships over stuff, win every time.

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  • Reply Heather Paullus March 16, 2017 at 2:11 am

    I love it! I’ve been trying to get rid of things in each room that we don’t use or need. It’s been freeing. However, I too am learning to keep things clean throughout the day & not stress for when others come over. We live here and use every space every day. It also helps that we do some ‘major cleaning’ every day (Monday–none, Tuesday–kitchen, Wednesday–dusting, etc). That had helped us a lot!

    • Reply Karen DeBeus March 16, 2017 at 11:36 am

      Sounds great, Heather! It is so freeing, isn’t it? Be blessed!

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