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Here We GO!

Tomorrow we will depart as a family for Gettysburg, PA in order to run the second ever Simply Living for Him Retreat! We are excited as a family to be able to serve the women who will attend and to see what God has in store.

In is really miraculous that we do the things we do, isn’t it? I guess it is because I only do those things in God’s strength, and I don’t really do them.

In my flesh, the questions constantly flood my mind:

Who am I to run a retreat?
What if I fail?
What if we get sick?
What if there are problems?
Why on earth did I decide to do this, when I could be leisurely enjoying my summer without all of this planning and working?

Ah, those are me in the flesh.

But then God reminds me.

It is a good thing I do not walk in the flesh anymore, but in His Spirit!

And the answers are countered with the truth:

You are running this retreat because God called you to.
You can not fail if you let Him lead. All will be used for His purposes, even things that seem like earthly failure will be worked for heavenly good.
And hard work is from God, and right now in this season, He has given me a task to do, and I will complete it.

It is not about my comfort, but about Him.

I know that God has led me to do this and I pray that each woman will be coming for a reason that only God knows. I pray He will work mightily and each woman will leave with a fresh perspective and with her eyes fixed on what is most important in life- Jesus.

Will you join me in praying over the next few days as we travel to Gettysburg to minister to these women? That we would be fully surrendered to letting God lead in every detail? That we would stay healthy and energized? And mostly, that God would bless each woman in some way.

If you would like to follow along at the retreat, I will share highlights over on Facebook and Instagram. We don’t want to bombard your feeds, so we will share lots of the details, behind the scenes, and short snippets over at Instagram Stories.

Thank you for praying! May God be glorified in all!

This summer let us celebrate simple, spiritually refresh, and unplug even for a bit…refresh, renew, and refocus.

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