Wherever I Am.

In one short year, or really what seems like an eternity at times…our lives have changed. We went from longing for a dream, to living one.

I still walk outside every morning in the still quiet, and look around and stand in awe. I can’t believe it is real and I can’t believe it is ours.

The Lord has provided abundantly more than we even asked for in so many ways. How can I not sing His praises each day? How can I not share my joy?

Yet, even before we moved here we had more than we ever needed. He already provided abundantly more than we asked for when He saved my soul.

Oh, how I marvel at what He’s done.

In the still quiet, my soul sings.

And so easily, I can walk back inside the house and it’s like the record stops.


The kids are bickering, the dishes are piling, the laundry is overflowing, the milk spills, and I so quickly forget the quiet and am consumed by the chaos.

I fall short.

I snap. I use unkind words. I frown upon the accidental milk instead of gently guiding the little hands to help clean it up.

Oh, how soon we forget our Creator when we are consumed by ourselves, our emotions, and our feelings. How soon we forget all He has provided and our joy is sucked out by the distractions.

Oh, thank the Lord that our joy is not dependent on circumstances like dishes in the sink, or even big, big things like illness, finances, or grief.

Because then there would be very limited amounts.

But, our joy comes from the Lord. Yes, no matter living our dream here or elsewhere…we have salvation through Him.

There is no need for want. Our souls should sing praises regardless.

It is so easy to think that once we have something, we will be fulfilled. We can be partly fulfilled, but we will always end up yearning for something else…Unless we realize that we have all we need in Him, no matter what.

If you are waiting for things to change, or are in a time of transition and waiting on Him…there is still joy. 

I used to think joy would come when things changed.

The truth is, our true joy is not dependent on where we live or who is behaving, or if the bank account is full…

It is not dependent on who likes us or who gives us praise…

It is not dependent on our kids succeeding…

It is not dependent on our waistline or our wrinkles (or lack thereof)

It is not dependent on the doctor’s report

It is not dependent on things.

It is not dependent on our day.

No matter what. We can have joy.

My joy was right there all along. No matter what surrounded me.

I know the difference between living without the Lord and living with Him.

That is where my inner joy truly comes from.

Because the moment He stepped in, I had enough. 

The moment He stepped in and saved me, is when my life truly changed and my dreams came true.

Join me this summer for a weekend getaway to learn more about simplifying and living purposefully with joy and peace!

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