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The Miracle of Spring

My own backyard is bursting with God’s glory these days. It is amazing to see miracles all around- we have a beautiful robin’s nest right in a low bush- easy to observe. First it was a nest, then the next day there was one egg. The next day another egg. Today a third egg! Simply beautiful. Thank you Lord for this science lesson that reveals your handiwork.
Our garden started sprouting this week! 
Seedlings popped up through the soil. Perfectly timed as we study botany.
Heard in our discussions…“Isn’t God simply amazing? He takes a dead seed, and He brings it to life!  He awakes the life inside with light and sun! Its roots go down in the soil…and it grows, lifting so high to reach the sun!’ 
Isn’t that the picture of us- we were once dead, yet He made us new.

We burst forth through the dirt, and reached for the light. He gives us a place to let our roots go deep, and then we bear fruit…beautiful fruit that only comes from him. (Gal. 5:22-23)

Thank you Lord for the miracle of Spring.

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