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An oldie but goodie…reprinted from last year…

It’s so hard to focus these days. There is noise everywhere. There is stuff everywhere…pulling at us.

I sit even now, writing this with no one home but me. This.never.ever.happens.  And I don’t know what to do with it.
The dryer is buzzing, the clothes are overflowing the basket.  The dishes are needing to be put away. But I want to sit. In the quiet. Yet almost don’t know how to anymore.

In the mornings I rise an hour before the children. The quiet of the house is a blessing. The stillness. It’s just me and the Lord. It’s our time. Yet as the clock ticks closer I begin to feel the urge rise in me. The feet will soon be heard pitter-pattering across the floor. Every minute the sun is up longer, is a minute closer to the noise.

Oh Lord, I want to give my full attention to you. Not the ticking clock. I want to be in the moment. The noise of the house will be here soon enough.

The Lord of all the universe deserves my utmost attention. 
Not half hearted. 

Maybe I need to get up an extra half hour earlier? Is that solution? No.
The solution is to focus, on Him.  No matter if I am in a train station with crowds abound, I need to focus on Him.
No excuses.

I want Him to be at the front of every thought. Yet there are those distractions.

Messes are made. Children fight.  Things break. Schoolwork needs to be redone. It’s loud.
I am distracted.

Yet, the ironic part is, in all of that, He is there, just as He is in the quiet. He hasn’t gone anywhere.
My mind has.

The distraction online is too much for some. There is too much to see, too many things to read. Why, oh why are we distracted by what everyone else is doing?  We need to focus.

In this world full of distraction, let’s go back to simple. Do we need to be so plugged in? Do we need to focus on the futile?

I want to focus on the fruit. On people. Relationships. My family My kids. So much more matters than this world.

Eternal focus. I want to look up and not all around me.

Our best homeschool days are when we focus on Him in everything:

Wow, we did that really hard math. Praise Him. 
Do you see His hand in History? Marvel at Him.
Wow, we have a sunny day. Praise Him. 
We can’t find the Legos. Pray to Him.
We have an argument. Ask Him for forgiveness.  
He is there. In it all.

As Spring approaches I am pointing out Him in the creation. Things are blooming. The dead trees are bursting forth again with life. Feel the warmth of the sun-the plants need it to live. We feel the Light of His Son. We need Him to live.

He is everywhere. 
Be so distracted by Him, it takes over every lesson.

He deserves our undivided attention.

I say this for your own benefit, not to lay any restraint upon you, but to promote good order and to secure your undivided devotion to the Lord.
1 Corinthians 7:35 ESV 

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