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When Things Go Unexpectedly Wrong…

Photo By Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum via Wikimedia Commons

 Sometimes God really has a sense of humor. I had an enormous mountain of laundry to tackle this week. I was dreading it as the pile in my boys room grew bigger and bigger. I finally decided to tackle it, and as the last load was in, and the clean clothes were put away, I was feeling rather accomplished. I was feeling great!

Then as I walked downstairs and I saw water spilling out onto the floor from the laundry room, I knew I was in trouble. Opening the laundry room door, there was about an inch already of water covering the floor and spilling into our hallway. There was water coming out from underneath the machine.

By God’s divine grace, my husband had just pulled in. I was panicing, immediately thinking of bills and cost, and the machine that was full of water…how would we empty will we clean this up, what’s wrong with the washer, etc. He calmly took over, as He always does, and got our shop vac (which pics up water- I had no idea!) The kids had been outside with our neighbors and they grabbed every towel in the house as we quickly worked to get the water up around our furnace and hot water heater.

Afterwards, the floor was dry and we were left with an enormous amount of sopping wet towels! The kids and the neighbors got fans and started wringing out the towels on the deck and placing them on the fans (genius!) They were also having a blast trying to run around the yard with them to air them out.  They were too wet to put in the dryer yet, and the washer was still full of water. A very light hearted time in the midst of panic. Much needed. Grateful for the innocence of children…

Not long into the situation, probably because of my husband’s calm, I became very calm and peaceful. I knew this could be worse. It was a washer, not a child that was broken. The kids were laughing and making the best of the situation….It was OK. It was OK….

I have been known to go into panic mode in the past. Yet this time, I relaxed and saw the situation with calm eyes, knowing the Lord is in control of every detail of my life…even overflowing washers.

He cleanses. I can’t help to think He uses situations like these to grow us. The water that could have destroyed actually helped me to in the moment, rely on Him.

Isn’t it amazing that the God who created the universe still cares about us in the small things?
Because the washer over flowing really is a small thing in the grand scheme of things. Oh, how it could have been a huge thing. Yet, it wasn’t.

Simple things matter. And this time, a simple washer taught me more lessons that day than I could have ever imagined.
So when trouble comes, stop and relax and keep your eyes on Him. He takes us through the situation whatever it may be. 

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