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10 Days of Simple Homeschool-Getting Rid of Discontent in Your Homeschool


Welcome to 10 Days of Simple Homeschool. For the next two weeks, I will be posting about all things simple in homeschooling. 10 Days of Simple Homeschool is about going back to the basics.  Too often we tend to complicate our purpose by trying to do too much.  Homeschooling can be very effective when we go back to the basics and let our everyday life be our classroom and learn by doing.  
 Simplifying Homeschool is dear to my heart-getting rid of all of the distractions that keep us from our purpose and from putting God first in all! 
Some posts will be practical ideas, some will focus on our hearts, but all will be focused on keeping it simple.

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Do you spend more time reading abut homeschooling than actually homeschooling? Planning your homeschool than actually being present in your homeschool?  Are you living for the expectation rather than for the moment?

I used to do that. I would spend more time planning what we should be doing than actually accomplishing what I needed to. It was so hard in the beginning to sort through all of the information-so I felt I needed to read all of it. Yet soon it became apaparent that I was only sowing seeds of discontent in my home. If I felt we were lacking, than the kids saw that.

Today I want to talk about eliminating those seeds of discontent. How often we are our own worst enemy?  
We forget to rely on God and try to rely on ourselves or worse, rely on others.

Does the comparison trap have you paralyzed at times? Are you feeling that you should be doing more, or like someone else?

Stop. Stop it all.

Stop collecting mental “clutter” and start doing real things!

There is so much information today, we must be extrememly careful to discern what to do with our time. What to fill our minds with.  And to absolutley stop living for something else and live for the here and now.

I have come to realize that so many of us our discontent with the here and now, because God has designed us for eternity.  This is not our home. 
We are always longing for something else.

Dear sister, realize that yearning for something else is the inborn deep set need for eternity. God placed it there so we yearn for Him.  We will never be fully satisfied until we are one day in that glorious place with our Lord.

Once we realize that, we can stop the insanity. Stop continually searching for something more.  Knowing this is not our home, yet, making the best of each and every second here. It matters.

I do not want to look back someday and have regrets. I don’t want my children to remember mommy on the computer or distracted with meaningless tasks- I want them to remember our homeschooling days as filled with memories of our time together, fully present in the moment.

I write because God placed a desire in my heart. My goal though is to always, always point others to him. Seeing Him in all.  I only write when he places these words in my heart and they overflow onto the keyboard.  I never write with the intention of gaining more readers and thinking I “know it all.” In fact, I know nothing. He supplies words for me each day and the strength for me to homeschool. I do not do it by one ounce of my own strength.

I’d rather have them remember mommy always praying, turning to Him for guidance-
and always playing, always there.

We need to enjoy each other’s writings, support each other wholeheartedly, but never let all of this information get in the way of real life.

Homeschooling each day should involved mommy fully present. We don’t want to teach our kids to be so distracted!

Do not succumb to the lie that other people are doing things better. God created your family unique for your family’s unique purpose. Do not covet someone else’s homeschool. Enjoy your homeschool with your family!  I have had friends completely disconnect from facebook, etc. so that they could do just that. Be free to be themselves.  It is freeing indeed.

Enjoy each second. It is cliche but it goes by so fast. Learn with your kids, play with your kids, create a foundation that says, “My mom was fully present when I needed her most.”

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Don’t fall into the trap of always living for the expectation of how things “should be.” Anticipate your glorous home some day, and make the most of each second here.

Turn to Him each and every second in your homeschool-not others.  And enjoy Simply…Homeschool.

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