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Filling my home….

In my journey to simplify I have realized that I want to rid my house of unnecessary things that falsley fill us up.  I want to get rid of clutter. Get rid of “stuff.” Get rid of distractions.

But I do want to fill it with other things.  
Fill it with so much more than material things can bring…
I want my home to be filled with love
Filled with laughter
Filled with peace
Filled with joy
Filled with mercy
Filled with contentment
Filled with gratitude
Filled with fellowship
Filled with warmth
Filled with His Light
Filled with prayer
Filled with singing
Filled with praises
Filled with grace
Filled with an overflowing abundance of HIM.

So overflowing that others see Him in it.
So overflowing that my children want to be here, and not seeking elsewhere.
So overflowing that our life is an offering for Him.

THAT is what it means to be filled.  Filled with the most important things…

THAT is what it means to be Simply Living…For Him.

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