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What on Earth Are You Here For?

We are reading the book, Born Again, by Charles Colson. If you don’t know who he is or what this book is about, it is truly fascinating. Colson was Richard Nixon’s former special counsel and was jailed for his involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Consequently, it was during this time in his life that he converted to a born-again believer.

Some of the questions that Colson faced were dealing with the void and emptiness that he felt even at the highs of his career, marriage, and finances. He had it all. Yet, he was empty. I think many can relate.

Do you ever ask yourself what your purpose is? What on earth are you here for?

For most of us, we think we are here to pursue happiness. To pursue our passions and desires. To make our “dreams come true.” Maybe to climb a corporate ladder, raise a family, and secure a retirement fund.

Yet, the Bible tells us differently.

We were created by God and for God to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

We began watching Season 2 of The Chosen. Last night, in the first episode, Jesus is talking to James and John after they wanted to seek retaliation on Samaritans for hurling insults and spitting on them. Jesus explains that their mission is bigger. They are there to spread His message. That what they do will last for generations to come. The seeds that they plant will be harvested and will produce lasting fruit. It isn’t just about them in the here and now. There is a far greater purpose. And to risk hindering that purpose because, as Jesus says, “some people were mean to you” is not the answer. He goes on to tell James and John that they think they are better than those men, and he says, “You’re not. That’s the point.”

That line struck me. Imagine Jesus telling you the point of your life is that you are not worthy. You are not better. You don’t deserve anything.

Yet, then He goes and dies for you. And then He, alone, gives you worth and purpose.

Our world tells us to compete and to do whatever it takes to get ahead. That we are worth it. That we are better than the next guy.

And Jesus says you’re not and that’s the point.

The point is, no one is better. It is a level playing field of sinners. We are all doomed because we all fall short. That’s why we need Jesus!

When we truly grasp that truth, it changes everything. We are living for Him. Not ourselves.

We can not do enough, earn enough, achieve enough to finally say, “Aha. We did it. We fulfilled our purposes.”

Jesus died for us. He gives us purpose. He gives us life. We aren’t living a life in our strength and then adding a little bit of God into it for good measure. We are living and breathing because of Him – how could we try to do it our own way?

We are nothing apart from Him. We were dead in our sin, headed for eternal suffering, and yet, God stepped in and sent Jesus. To give us life and purpose. But that purpose is solely for His Kingdom.

That life you lived before Jesus– like Charles Colson–where you felt a void even when you were filled with earthly things? You had an emptiness when life was full? That is because you were spiritually dead. But Jesus makes us alive. It is a miraculous transformation. And because I have lived it, I get it!

We have a world full of folks building their own little earthly kingdoms. And those kingdoms will always fall. They can not last. But the Kingdom of God is what we were created for and what we should be focusing on building.

The Kingdom of God is what on earth we are here for! We are to seek Him wholeheartedly (not just when times are tough, or when we feel like it). We are to give every ounce of ourselves to Him. And He will lead us on this earth. He will lead us to far greater things than we could ever do on our own. Even if there is pain or suffering here on earth (which is promised), we have JOY because of Jesus. We know what it is to come. There is no fear. There is no pride. We are no longer living for ourselves, but we are a new creation living for Him, humbly.

If this is all new to you, and you have questions, please reach out to me. Or maybe you’ve heard it all before but today it sounded different. Pray. Seek the Lord. In Him, you will find what on earth you are made for.

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