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His Words…

God is so good. Amen? I mean, this morning I was earnestly praying about something. Begging Asking Him for guidance. For wisdom. For help. 

I asked for scriptures to guide me.

I opened my Bible to the most fitting scriptures for my situation. I mean, the exact issues were addressed.  Exact.

It’s moments like these when I literally feel God’s presence. It’s like He opened the Bible for me and pointed out the exact words of His that I needed.

Now my job is to read those scriptures and listen to His voice. Not my own. But His. Guiding me.

How often do we let ourselves and the distractions get in the way of hearing Him. 
He is giving us every word we need, if we just listen.

I love moments like these. I love when He shows Himself to me. 

Yet, I need to continually seek Him and have a singleminded heart only for Him.

I need to rest in His words. 

His words alone.
No distractions. No fluff.
Just Him.

Eliminate the noise of this world that so easily hinders us from hearing Him.

To God Be the Glory!

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