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I absolutely love Home Educating Family. They have a beautiful magazine, beautiful planners, a 24 hour Homeschool Virtual Convention, and so much more.  I am privileged to be a monthly contributor over there.

Today I am on their blog talking about how I only homeschool by HIS strength.

“I am the most unlikely of homeschoolers. No really, I am the very last person anyone would have expected to be on this journey. Yet here I am. I often look back at how I got here in sheer amazement. This was not the life I had planned to live. I was supposed to send my children to school. We chose this neighborhood for the school right around the corner! Yet God had planned something completely different all along {and I am so glad He did!}

So often people ask me, “How do you do it? How do you homeschool four children? How do you do all that you do?” The truth is I do no more than anyone else. We all have a life that is busy. For some moms it is working outside of the home. For some moms it is homeschooling ten children. For others it is homeschooling one child. Whatever the case may be, it is all work and there is no scale of comparison for who has more work. Work is work.”

To read the rest of the post visit Home Educating Family….

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