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10 Days of Simple Homeschool-Starting Your Day with the Lord

Welcome to 10 Days of Simple Homeschool. For the next two weeks, I will be posting about all things simple in homeschooling. 10 Days of Simple Homeschool is about going back to the basics.  Too often we tend to complicate our purpose by trying to do too much.  Homeschooling can be very effective when we go back to the basics and let our everyday life be our classroom and learn by doing.  
 Simplifying Homeschool is dear to my heart-getting rid of all of the distractions that keep us from our purpose and from putting God first in all! 
Some posts will be practical ideas, some will focus on our hearts, but all will be focused on keeping it simple.
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Each and everyday we don’t open a “school” book until we have opened the most important book-The Bible. I truly believe we must put God first in all, if we are to succeed on this journey. He wants to lead us everyday.

I made this decision a few years backwe will never skip Bible time, even if we are having a busy morning, or if we are behind in other lessons.  How can I ever put a language book or a math book above His book? How can I teach them to put Him first, if we are letting other things take precedence?

Bible time is non-negotiable. We start every morning in His Word together. The we pray together, and many days we worship together. It is our sweetest time of the day. It sets the tone for the day.

And it doesn’t stop there. As the years passed, I began to include Bible reading after lunch. Again, we don’t open up any school books after lunch until we have read the Bible together. We pray together again. It is a time to refocus. No matter what has happened in the morning-if there were tears over math, arguments between siblings, or poor attitudes-at this time of the day it is an opportunity to bring it all to Him. We can refocus our day and recharge if necessary. His mercies are new.

Simplifying homeschool is about getting rid of many of the unnecessary extras in our day and in our homeschools. Truly, if your child loves the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind first, then all of the other lessons will fall into place. They will measure everything they do against the Lord’s standard.

When we seek first His righteousness, He will supply our needs. He already knows what He wants for us. We just need to submit to His plan and not our own.

What an awesome, mighty God we serve. How blessed we are to incorporate His teaching and His love into every aspect of our day.

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