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The Mistakes I’ve Made

Nothing can send me into the pit like replaying all the mistakes I’ve made. The enemy hits hard when he has me focus on all the things I could have done differently. And the worst part is, it is pure distraction.

God knows the mistakes I have made and He is there to redeem them. Yet, when I live in a place of regret that leads to self-loathing, redemption is far from my mind. And so is my Redeemer.

I wallow. I fret. I despair. I play it over and over. All the things I could have done differently.

As a mom, it is so hard to get past it. I mean, as I look back, I realize I was growing as a person as I was growing as a mom. So by nature, people make mistakes. And I made many.

I wonder if my kids replay them in their mind as much as I do. As far as I am concerned, I was the worst mom…

But, God and His truths gently remind me. In my mistakes, I have an opportunity to share God’s work. I can practice repentance. I can ask for forgiveness. I can model humility.

It’s not easy. To grow as a person. A mom. A Christian. But it’s not supposed to be. That’s why we need Jesus. To show us the way. To help us to make things right. To see forgiveness. To find redemption.

If you are feeling as I do – and many of us don’t talk about it– take heart. God is a God of redemption. We can move forward and make things right. Instead of wallowing in the past. The enemy wants us to live there. But I won’t. I will live in the present and the future-and redeem what was lost!

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