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Less Stuff…More Him

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The amount of time spent on acquiring stuff is great.

We research, we shop, we spend.
Spend, spend, spend.

Imagine that much effort was spent in the Word!
Praying. Communing with Him. Serving Him.

Life would be different. We would be changed.

Less stuff means more time for so much more. 
The real stuff. Not the false fillers. Not the temporary fulfillment.

I am so looking forward to our RV trip. Its not a time to acquire stuff but to shed it. {we only have 30 ft for 6 people!} It’s not a time to chase the wind, but to stop and be still in it.  Its not a time to put ourselves first, but others. {back to the 30ft thing 😉

In a world that screams bigger, better, more…and all for yourself, 
I continue to whisper…smaller, less, and others first.

Sometimes I feel so out of place for those desires, yet when I write and speak others respond. Do you feel that way? Do you feel like having less stuff and more of Him? Having less *stuff*  and doing more *things*?

Lord, hear my whisper and make it my life…

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