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The Simple Truth…

Last week I posted about having a rough week because I wasn’t feeling well physically.  And the Lord got me through…Well this week my youngest son Ethan fell and had to get stitches.

Of course, that can derail a good week.  Four hours at the hospital, a doctor visit the next day…It disrupts things, and leaves me to ask, “Why?”

But the Lord never gives us too much.  And to be honest, it really wasn’t that bad…it can always be worse.

The SIMPLE Truth is, I have a God who is never away from me for one second.  I don’t have to do anything alone.  He has been there all week, and will continue to do so!

I just have to rely on Him, and not focus on the negative.  Once again, considering the week we had, schoolwork got done…Ok…our jello model of a cell and DNA didn’t, but is that really important?? 😉  The main stuff got done, and the kids still have good attitudes….

And the jello will still be there next week….

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