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I have had a rough week.  I had a bad headache all week and it could have  easily ruined each day. Yet, looking back, even when I felt awful physically, God provided for me as He always does.  The day I needed to just lie down and close the door, my husband was able to be home and take care of the kids.  When I needed to take it easy, the kids handled their schoolwork and played quietly when finished.  So even sometimes while we don’t realize it when we are in the midst of it, looking back it is quite obvious that God’s grace covers me always.  He provides when I simply can’t.

It’s easy to look at this week and say “Oh why do I have to be sick?” “Why does so much have to get done when I am feeling so poorly?”  Yet those things distract me from God’s provision!  He took care of my needs!  So I am focusing on what He DID do for me this week, and not want didn’t go my way!

~A husband who was there when I needed to rest or go to a dr. appointment
~So many sisters in Christ who prayed for me all week, and those prayers were felt and answered!
~Kids who were obedient when I needed it most
~Schoolwork to still continue smoothly even when I was at my worst

This week we still managed to get so much done in school, remarkably with me not feeling well. I praise God for continually taking over for me and giving me strength when I need it most!

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