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Front Porch Revivals

This Spring, as the weather warms up, the sun begins to shine, the flowers bloom, and new life bursts all around, let’s focus on helping others find their NEW LIFE in Christ!

The winter often keeps us shuts in, the cold and dark days leave us a bit lonely, and we can be a bit isolated. But with each new day moving towards warmer days, I am inspired with ways to build more relationships with others. It only takes a smile, a kind word, or a gesture to begin building a relationship. And when you know God’s love, you can’t help but to reflect that love to those around you!

This Spring, we want to encourage you to get outside and perhaps out of your comfort zone a bit, and invite people to your front porch! Don’t have a front porch? Then head over to a local park, strike up a conversation, be willing to let Jesus work through you.

We often think we need to have the courage to share or all the right answers. But the Holy Spirit works in us. We just need to be willing.

So as the warm weather moves in, get out. Sit on your porch. Wave at passersby. Offer a cup of tea even! You never know what a simple smile and, “Hello, how are you?” can lead to. Go to the park. Strike up a conversation. Offer to pray for someone. You just may be the someone they need after a long winter.

Some resources for you to be missional right in your everyday life:

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Simply Go! is a new initiative of the Simply Living for Him ministry that focuses on missional living in the lives of everyday women. Based on Acts 4:13, which describes the disciples as ordinary men who had been changed by an extraordinary God, and those around them simply recognized that they had been with Jesus. As we begin to approach Spring, we have some ideas that we will move forward with for our Simply Go! initiative. We will share resources, new challenges, and encouraging blog articles about being missional in your everyday life. 

We want to encourage you that you can be missional right where you are–in your home, community, and everyday life. You simply need to reflect Jesus! So while Simply Living for Him provides resources to help you spend time with Jesus, Simply Go! is the next step in then shining that light!

This world is getting darker each day and it is our duty and privilege to shine the light of Christ! You will find challenges, ideas, encouragement, and resources in this section.

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