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Simplicity in an Ever Changing and Complicated World

The other night my husband and I were talking about how we are getting old because the night before I noticed he had laid out my coffee cup (I am blessed to have a hubby who brings me coffee in bed every morning) and our juice cups (he also makes us homemade juice for breakfast)~ and it was so funny that everything was laid out the night before.

That conversation then led to how when I was little my grandparents (who lived right upstairs) used to do the same thing.

Then we started talking about how after my grandfather died,  I would go upstairs almost every night after dinner and have tea with my grandma.  And there would be her one placemat, set with her breakfast bowl, juice cup, vitamins, and banana all ready for the next day.

Hmmmm.  I just kept picturing it.  Everything was all laid out for the next day. Ever have a memory when you could remember every detail down to the sounds and smells? 
{This was one of them.}

It just seems like things were so much simpler back then.

I miss that. I miss the simplicity of things long ago.

Even though at the time I am sure life didn’t always seem simple, compared to today, it was.

I worry about the future generations. Things are changing faster than I ever remember.

Just this week my husband’s friend got the new iphone, and it has a feature where the phone talks to you and literally tells you anything you need to know. It can actually respond to you like a real person, no matter what you say. {It actually creeps me out.}

What is happening to people?  To relationships?  It is all so fast paced, and digital now.

And while I enjoy the benefits of having cell phones, internet, and blogging {!}…there has to be a balance.

The world is spinning faster by the minute, and too easily many things get lost.

Relationships matter. 
People matter.

God matters.

He is the same no matter how fast things change. He is the same as He has been always.
He doesn’t change. (James 1:17)
He doesn’t waiver.
He is constant. (Hebrews 13:8)
He is my stability. (2 Samuel 22:32)

I am looking to Him more than ever so I can fulfill the plans He has for my life.
I want to walk on the path He has set for me, no matter how different it is from the world’s constant changing.

I will continue to write about how we can simplify in this fast paced, ever changing world…

Keep checking back, or subscribe by email~ and let’s continue to Simply Live…For Him 
{even in this complicated world!}

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