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Seems like a hard time of year to simplify, huh? Everywhere we look in this season the world is screaming, “Buy more! Spend more! Get more!” Christmas has created such stress. We miss the most important gift…Jesus.

I think having a husband out of work during this season is really changing my perspective. I know God is using this for such huge purposes. All of a sudden the things of Christmas past, that used to crowd out Christmas, are fading away.
We are only focusing on the real important things. We are looking for free family activities to do and are making homemade gifts. We are spending more time, than money, on Christmas.
We are in the Word everyday learning about Jesus and His birth. Understanding the miracle of His birth, and soaking it in…
Promise yourself that this Christmas you will give yourself the gift of simplifying…once and for all.  Even though this time of year seems so hard to simplify, take a look around. 

Don’t let stuff crowd out Jesus. 

He came for us, and we need to do nothing else this Christmas but to share His love with others. Celebrate the best gift.

I am learning so much during this trial in our family, and I can’t wait to share with you some more. We had a TRUE miracle in our family today, and it is beyond anything I can imagine. It is truly God’s work. I will be writing about it soon…

Until then, enjoy a Simple Christmas…

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