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I Could Meet Jesus Today

I could meet Jesus today. I had that thought as I was driving through the country roads recently. It was just a normal morning, sun shining, cows in the distance of the farm I was passing. The light was coming through the morning fog, and it hit me like a huge boulder had just been put in the road, bringing me to a complete and sudden stop.

What if today is the day? What if today is the day that I actually meet Jesus face to face?

I thought about that for a while and began to think about how life would be different if I woke up every day with that thought the I could meet Jesus today.

“I could meet Jesus today.”

I would live differently. In the choices I make. In the thoughts that I have. In the way I treat people. In everything. In every single detail, my life would be different.

What if we all had that thought in the morning– I could meet Jesus today– it would change everything.

Instead of thinking we have this huge timeline of life before us that often seems so concrete. We think that tomorrow is promised, next year is guaranteed, and even 20 years is a sure thing. But not even the moment after this one is truly a given.

We think of the future and the things we want to do and how tomorrow we’ll do better. Tomorrow is a new day to fix it. Tomorrow we will live differently. 

We make plans. Often, we fret over them, analyze them, and change them. But what if…

What if? What if today is the day you meet Jesus.

Every day lived is one day closer to Jesus and that excites me. It used to scare me. But the more I walk with Him, the more I live for the next life and hold looser to this one. Because His Word is true and I know without a doubt how much more He offers than this world.

But we often live like that’s a nice saying on a t-shirt, and not a true eternal promise and a promise that is here right now.

If we lived with the constant thought that what the Bible says IS true and that He may come back any time, or He may take me at any time, all of a sudden the little things we fret over, the details that we let shape us, all of it…fades into the background as our true purpose in life becomes more clear.

Even the really big things here on earth shrink in comparison to Him. No matter if we have one breath left of decades of breaths left, we must live with our eyes on heaven. It makes our lives here on earth that much more purposeful. We can choose a life filled with moments that are all too focused on the here and now and quite frankly on ourselves. Or we can live our lives for what we were created for. Him.

I write this because for all too long I have chosen the former. But I so want to live the latter.

What will you choose today?

©Karen DeBeus, Simply Living for Him 2019


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