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A False Sense of Control

We all want control. We plan, we prepare, we make lists, we organize our homes, we make lesson plans…all good things. Yet, sometimes we go overboard.

We get wrapped up in the plans. We think if we just get the right planner, the right system in place, the perfect method, we will finally get our lives under control. And there is something to be said for order and discipline. God wants that.

Yet, God also tells us to give up control. He wants our lives surrendered to Him.

So in our quest to control our lives and every detail, we are forgetting that the Christian walk is about giving up control. He controls us. 

None of our man-made systems or ordered lives will ever work if we don’t grasp that truth. He is in control.

Then, from a life surrendered to Him, it really doesn’t matter what method we choose, what planner (truthfully a blank notebook is just fine) or what system we implement. Because the One who orders our steps will order our lives.

We have made control an idol. We make to-do lists, and goals, and plans. We focus on what we can achieve, and how we can do it, in 10 easy steps.

The Christian life is far from easy and far from a neat and orderly list.

It is often difficult and the steps don’t always fall into place in perfect order.

But God.

He is working in us and through us to order our steps.

He is working in us as we surrender our lives to Him.

He is working for us as we lose control to the One who controls all things.

So I ask you today…whatever it is you are constantly trying to control…first surrender to Him. Let Him order your steps. Don’t seek a false sense of control in worldly ways, but find true order, in the One who controls us. Lose control and let the One who controls all things lead you. It is the only way…


And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Colossians 1:17 NIV

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