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A question I pondered recently. Why do I write about my passion for women to be in the Word? Why do I pursue reaching others for Christ? Why do I speak, write, and podcast about families focusing on what matters most? Living more simply so they can have fewer distractions and more focus on God? Why do I want women to live out real and authentic relationships?

It’s not just because it is warm and fuzzy or trendy or a fad or something to put on a platform.


The more I think about these things, the more I am motivated and inspired and encouraged that pursuing people and pointing them to Jesus can change the culture from the inside out.

It’s not just a pipe dream. The culture is going downhill…fast. But we can change the culture starting with one.

•One woman starts reading her Bible and blossoms in her relationship with Jesus.
•One woman decides to get offline and back to real life friendships.
•One woman stops obsessing over Pinterest and puts that energy into her family in front of her.

•One woman takes her eyes off of the world and onto Jesus.

And each of those women then has an effect on the next they come into contact with, and those have an effect on whom they come in contact with. Who knows how far the reach has expanded. Through that one changed woman.


When I got into blogging, and really understood the technical aspect of it, there was much talk about numbers and reach, etc. But I never was motivated by the superficial reach. I was motivated by a greater reach…

My reach is for Jesus. And I want to look back some day and say, “I did what I could with what I was given for Jesus.”

My mission here at Simply Living for Him is always to point others to Jesus. And to know that just one…just one soul affected…can reach an infinite amount. So I will always write for the one…and let God use it how He sees fit.

Join me? Let’s change the culture…it can only take place when hearts change. When the inside is living for Jesus, it affects our outward behavior. Our world is getting darker each moment, and I will never stop shining the Light. 

Read more about the Power of One that changed ME here–> The Power of One

When you share my posts and messages, you are helping me to reach just that one!

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  • Reply Susan January 29, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Your messages always touch my heart deeply and inspire me to be a better person, all for His glory! Keep writing and speaking! He is definitely using your gifts in a mighty way!

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