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Embrace Adventure-Storing Up Eternal Investments

My daughter loves all things Disney, and one of those things is the movie Up. I remember clearly from the movie that little Adventure book and every time I see something with the words from the movie, “Adventure is Out There” I think of her…she loves it. She inspires me because she is always up to do something, be with people, and have an adventure. She walks in faith and doesn’t overanalyze and get stuck in fear- she grabs for the adventures!

Just this week the words “embrace adventure” kept coming to mind. We had recorded a podcast about worry and anxiety and my struggles in the past (and admittedly, sometimes in the present). After the recording, it was like I was free! I really saw the sin of my anxiety and how much I don’t want to live in that place anymore. Beyond that, I realized how deep the sin of my worry and anxiety is because when I let worry consume me, I have zero faith. It actually makes me grieve.

Faith over Fear.

I am choosing faith over fear.

Whenever I live in faith over fear, I know I am in God’s will and the Spirit is carrying me. It is freeing not to carry myself!

And in walking with faith over fear I  also realize that means to embrace adventure! Be ready to do new things (even if I fail!) and be ready to take steps, even leaps, of faith!

When I embrace adventure, I choose to store up eternal investments. This is another concept I have been meditating on greatly these days. As you all know, my mission is to store up treasure in heaven and not material clutter that weighs us down. 

But what does it meant to really store treasure in heaven?

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal”

Matthew 6:20

I want to invest in the Kingdom. I want to invest in people. Relationships. Service. Jesus.

I want to invest in eternal rewards and not fleeting earthly pleasures.

I am building His Kingdom, not my own little kingdom here in my house.

What does it matter if I have a house stored up with earthly treasure, a bank account that is secure, or a neatly outlined plan of my day, but I have not invested in the Kingdom?

And by embracing adventure, and trusting God, I can do just that! I don’t want to sit in my comfortable bubble and make no difference for eternity. I want to get out there and live life, an adventurous life, and grab hold of every opportunity the Lord gives me. Even the scary ones!

When we share our life we share His love. And that is an eternal investment. 

Staying in my own little world and not reaching out into the world is comfortable, but is that really what God wants? He didn’t give me this life to live for myself! He gave me a life to use to reach others and to glorify Him in all I do.

We will keep growing our little hobby farm here and share all we have with others. I will take on the adventure of traveling and speaking wherever God leads. I will submit everything I do to His will, and be open to the opportunities He provides. I won’t resist them but will embrace them.

Sitting in my comfortable bubble doesn’t bring Him glory. It is selfish on my part.

So I am using my resources for investing in things that will ultimately share Jesus; that is where my focus these days. I am trusting Him that when I use what He has provided to glorify Him, I need not fear.

I am up for the adventure, are you?


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