Busy Does Not Equal Success

How many of us answer the question, “How are you?” with, “BUSY!” 

We are all busy. Everywhere we turn we see a mom just like us with a never ending to-do list, a full calendar, and a frazzled look.  Whether you are a homeschooling mom or not, a working mom or a stay at home mom, we all succumb to the trap of busyness.

I truly believe busyness is another lie from the enemy. He has slithered in and convinced us that if we are busy, then we are successful. If we have a full list of things to do, then we must be working hard. If we have a packed calendar, then we must be bearing fruit. We glorify busyness and not HIM.

The worse lie is that if we are busy “serving” then we are bearing fruit. We can be busy doing “good” things, but is it really good?

Busy does not equal success in God’s eyes.

Again, we must go to the heart. Are we so busy trying to fill up our calendar with good things we are missing out on filling up our hearts? Are we filled up on Him? Are we filled up on the Word? Are our families filled first? Or are we giving of ourselves elsewhere and they get the leftovers?

These are all important questions to ask.

Our family has certainly fallen into the trap of filling up on what we thought were good things. One of the things I have realized lately though, is that there is nothing more important than being busy at home first, taking care of my family’s needs first, and then giving of myself outside of them, only after.

I think we will all have a lesser desire to be busy if we are filled up on the things that matter first. Busyness gives us a false sense of accomplishment. It’s like a badge of honor these days. Everyone seems to think He who is busiest wins.  But what are we competing for?

God looks at our heart. He wants us to be bearing fruit. For Him. 

Don’t wear your busyness as a badge of honor. A packed calendar is not a trophy. A full heart with your family first, and your eyes clearly fixed on God’s purpose for you is much more honorable. Don’t let the enemy distract you into thinking you can’t have a spare moment or you are not successful. Quiet moments at home matter. Afternoons spent in the yard with your family matter. Time in the Word matters. Time with Him matters.

After all, Who defines success? Look at God’s definition and not the world’s.

Fill your heart, not your calendar. Then you will see more clearly on what God’s purposes for your time will be.

You will never regret time spent with family and in the Word. You are not going to look back someday and say, “Oh I wasted so much time with my kids.” Or “Oh, I wasted so much time in the Word.”

So evaluate your busyness. Are you truly busy bearing fruit?

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