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Education is not the answer. Jesus is the answer.~Rachael Carman 

I don’t know that I could properly articulate in words just what a meaningful time I had at this year’s Real Refreshment Retreat. God’s presence was palpable in every corner- from the worship, to the speakers, to the fellowship, and then in the beautiful prayer circle that ended the weekend. Ladies, linking hands, and praying for one another. A beautiful picture.

“We need to stand shoulder to shoulder” with each other on this journey- Rachael Carman

What is Real Refreshment?

If you have never attended before, Real Refreshment is a homeschooling mother’s retreat that is given by Apologia. Yet this weekend has very little to do with academics, and everything to do with speaking to the mother’s heart. It is a weekend filled with speakers that share my heart- to put God above all else in your homeschool and in all areas of your life. They speak in the most real and authentic way. They sit amongst the ladies all weekend and share candidly and authentically.

If we raise our kids to have high test scores and not to include serving, we are raising a bunch of arrogant kids ~Zan Tyler

Real Refreshment also has time dedicated for prayer and worship. Anne MacCallum was such a blessing as she led worship time, and being in a room filled with other sisters worshipping, gave just a glimpse of the glory that is to come some day.

This year the theme of Real Refreshment was Living Water. I was time and again blown away by each speaker and of understanding how Jesus is the Living Water running through all of us. We are thirsty, and He quenches. He is the only life sustaining substance that lasts forever. He is the Living Water. I came home with such a new understanding of this concept, and it is something I plan to study further.

“We are not so much as living, as SWIMMING in our Creator.” Anne MacCallum

There is also amazing fellowship at Real Refreshment. Time and again the speakers reminded us that there is no competition- we stand shoulder to shoulder on this journey as sisters. We walk alongside each other, with our eyes fixed on Him and not on others. One of the biggest blessings was that I made many new friends, and wrote down their names on a prayer calendar that Apologia provided. Now I have a day to pray for each one of my new friends.

There is nothing like Real Refreshment. Fellowship. Authentic and real moms. God’s presence. I am telling you…don’t miss out next year- SIGN UP! It is well worth it. It is truly real refreshment for your soul.

Most of all you will be joining a community of faithful sisters, ready to walk alongside with you. You will be a part of those women standing shoulder to shoulder.

And I know I came home…truly a Refreshed Mom.

My dear friend and me at Real Refreshment

“If we can trust Him with eternity, can we not trust Him with the lesson plan?” ~Rachael Carman

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