We Are Moving (Lord Willing!)

It’s been an exciting, roller coaster time lately…and one that has been steeped in prayer. We have decided to move and I can not wait to share the journey with you. Oh, do I have lots to write about in regards to simplifying now! Try getting our house down to looking like no one really lives here, with six of us actually living here, and homeschooling during the day. Quite exhausting, exciting, and interesting all wrapped up in one!

We have had an offer accepted on a farmhouse (squeal!) not too far from where we live now.
It’s like a dream, and we are praying that we are in God’s will. We are so excited!

I have been paring down more than ever here, and realizing how very little we need indeed. I am constantly writing blog posts in my mind about this adventure, yet haven’t had the chance to actually write them yet! So stick around…and join me on this next journey! I promise, there is much more to come!

And finally…if you know of ANYONE in the New Jersey area looking to buy a home, please send them my way. We must sell our current home to purchase the farm! Email me at karen@simplylivingforhim.com and I will give you more info!

And please pray with me? That we do all things for His glory during this time? 
Until the next update….Karen

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