Simple Organization

Simple Organization

Simple Organization podcast
Are you constantly feeling disorganized? Are you always looking for a new planner or system to help keep your home running more efficiently? Are you wanting that perfect looking home where everything matches and is Pinterest perfect? 
For years, I was always trying to control disorder in my home, by thinking I needed to have the next best method of organization…whether it was a new planner, homeschool curriculum, chore system, meal plan, or discipline method…I was always searching for the answer to disorder. And while those things are certainly good in and of themselves, when I looked deeper I realized  they were not only making my life MORE complicated, I was also searching for order and peace in all the wrong places. So I stopped chasing the Instagram ideal home, and found my true satisfaction comes from the simple things.
Join me for this discussion on going back to the basics. Let’s not get distracted with how things look on the outside, but  let’s focus on the inside.

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