This is Real Christmas

Last night we made our annual gingerbread house. 

It wasn’t about the house. It was about the fun.

Yet, there were hiccups. The kids were overly-hype and bouncing around the kitchen.

  • The squabbles over who got to do the icing, the candies, or the gum drops.
  • The drips of icing found all over the kitchen when it was over.
  • The random little tiny candies I will probably continue to find all over the kitchen until Christmas

Yet, the tradition, the excitement, the joy…the anticipation of what is to come.

That, is what Real Christmas is about.

So our house roof collapsed shortly after and needed repair…these are the things we remember.
The way we felt during Christmastime. The house will be gone, the last of the icing drips will be wiped, but the memories are permanent.

And this little guy…he got his icing mustache…

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