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I recently wrote about attending homeschool conventions over at The Heart of the Matter Online.  Well, now I can update, since I attended ENOCH’S NJ Homeschool Convention this past weekend.  It was a great convention!  Sooooo much to see and so many great speakers.  Where do I begin?

Friday night I went down with my daughter Grace (9).  We had a great time just having some mommy-daughter time.  When we arrived we looked around for a bit at the various booths.  Then we headed to hear Rebecca Powell speak on “Avoiding Mommy Burnout.”  (GREAT topic!)  I really enjoyed that one, as did Grace.  She got a kick out of the hearing some of the speaker’s stories, which sounded exactly like our family!

Afterwards, we had some dinner, and then browsed some more.  We checked out RightStart math, looked at a ton of Language arts stuff, and just perused the other vendors.

Finally it was time to head to the Keynote Session with Steve and Teri Maxwell.  I was very excited about this, as I have been reading their website Titus2.com for a ling time, and have friends who use Managers of Their Homes and Managers of Their Chores, written by Teri.  For those who do not know about the Maxwells, they are an extremely inspiring family with 8 children who have been homeschooling for 25 years.  They speak on many topics about families and are a great example.  If you know who the Duggars are…well, Michelle Duggar uses Teri’s “Managers of Their Homes” system as well.

Their topic for the Keynote Session was “Keeping Your Child’s Heart.”  I literally left the session breathless.  I just felt so overwhelmed with information, and convicted even, on so many levels.  So much of their information was relevant to me.  It was truly humbling.  I drove home just in an emotional fog, partly from the usually overwhelming amount of curriculum at the convention, as well as information overload.  But also from taking to heart so much of what the Maxwells said about how we are raising our children.  They have proof of the fruit they have raised.  Seven of their eight children were with them at the convention, and I must say the are  most mature, polite, social, wisdom-filled, friendly people I have seen.  They have truly done well in raising their kids in this often difficult world.

I went to bed that evening fully in prayer asking God to reveal to me all that He wants for me the next day at the convention.  I arrived the next morning at 9 am (all alone!!) to hear Rebecca Powell peak on “The Missional Mom.”  Once again, blown away, but another informative topic. So much to learn, and my brain was still recovering from the night before!

Afterwards I headed over to the used curriculum area.  There was a HUGE line to get in, and once I got in, there was so much  to see!  I managed some really great deals.  I purchased John’s kindergarten math and handwriting books for only a few dollars.  And they weren’t even touched!  Score!

Later I heard some more great topics…a session on helping your child read, with some great exercises from the Brain Gym, and I also had the privilege to hear Teri Maxwell’s, “Manager’s of their Homes.”  Again, so much information to take to heart.

I also purchased the sessions for husbands to bring home to my husband.  I bought Steve Maxwell’s “Manager of His Home” and “Preparing Sons to Provide for Single Income Homes.”  He already listened to  them and really enjoyed them.  He felt like he had learned so much from them already.

Overall, I was happy with my purchases this year.  The one thing I tried to avoid was buying things I really did not need.  I went with a list and a budget. I did come home with money left over, which  was a good thing.  I have just about all I need for next year as well.  I am planning a lot of great things for next year, and can’t wait to get it all organized over summer.

The main thing that I did feel from the convention was information overload.  There was jut so much to absorb and think about.  I am still trying to process it all.  I am committing myself to spending that quiet time with the Lord each morning, and to commit my plans to Him.  I know He will lead me, and although all of the information I learned was so good, in the end it is HE I must rely on, and not speakers at a convention, or even my own gut.  HE knows what is best for our family.  Whether other people agree with us or not, I must stand firm on HIS plans for us.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  Proverbs 16:3

And I am standing strong on this:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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