A Heart Checker- Not a Box Checker

I just returned from an amazing trip to Virginia to speak at the state convention. I enjoyed meeting so many homeschooling families- I was able to laugh with them, hug them, and even shed some tears with them. While I love writing, there is nothing better than meeting in real life to encourage each other. As soon as I can gather my thoughts about that trip, I will be sharing more!

But for now, I want to share my heart this morning. As we tried to get back into some routine after being away for several days, and laundry is STILL going since last night…chores are being done, and lists are being made…pre-algebra is almost complete (Hallelujah!), books are being read…it dawned on me. I do NOT want to get things done just to get them done. I don’t want to check off my list, without first checking my children’s hearts.

Even if we completed our list today, if I didn’t connect with my children’s hearts first, would it matter? If Pre-Algebra is complete, but attitudes are off, does it matter? If the laundry is folded and put away, but I didn’t get into the Word today, would it matter?

Evaluate your list. Remember what should be at the top. So many moms I met this weekend told me they loved my session because it focused on the heart. After all, if we don’t have our children’s heart, what does it matter?

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