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Simple Hospitality.

In a Pinterest world, and a world swimming in social media, I am standing by simple hospitality. I still say simple is best. I love having people over to my home, but when they are over, my intent is not to show off the latest Pinterest decor or over the top recipe, it is to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. Ultimately, it should be to show the the love of Christ in my home.

I am not entertaining, but practicing hospitality. 

I just got through a quick look at Pinterest tonight and I left feeling like it was a binge on consumerism. Truly. So much focus on details.  Are weddings these days just a show of details? Baby shower and bridal showers that are focused on themes beyond the traditional. It actually scares me that there is so much focus on over the top crafts, recipes, and decor. When is it enough? What happened to simple hospitality…

Are homes a showcase of accumulations? Or a haven of relationships? 

I say, come on over… Have a sip of old fashioned lemonade. A warm cup of coffee. And let the focus be on the company, not the surroundings.

I would rather have someone come over, see the dust bunnies in the corner, the mismatched furniture, the worn tables, and the scuffs on the floor…but feel the warmth of a welcoming smile and listening ear.  I would rather make someone feel comfortable because things aren’t perfect, than on guard because everything feels too perfect.

It’s just me.


Most of all, I’d rather someone walk out of my house feeling they saw the love of Christ, not a picture perfect home. I’d rather them remember how they felt, than what they saw.

So today I am going against the grain. Less is more. Always. 

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