Our Adventures in Virginia! (PART1)

As I reflect back on our trip to Virginia last week, I am just so grateful to God for all that He does. It was an amazing week, filled with memories I will always cherish. I saw His hand at work and I saw the power of keeping my eyes on HIM, and not my circumstances.

We left very early last Thursday morning and hit some major rains on the way down. We were headed to Richmond, and I would be speaking at HEAV on Friday and Saturday. I was so excited to share my heart about simplifying homeschool.

Late Thursday, we arrived after a long trip down! Everyone was excited!

Once we were settled in, we explored the convention. For anyone in the Virginia area, you must attend HEAV! It is a truly amazing event. The convention center is beautiful and HUGE. The exhibit hall was enormous, and there was so much to see. There was something for everyone and all of the people involved with HEAV were wonderful.
just a glimpse of the HUGE exhibit hall

the irony of the school bus driving by the homeschool convention 😉

I was honored to be among so many speakers that I have admired for years. Voddie Bauchman, Michael Farris, Lee Binz, Sonya Schafer, and SO many more. It was amazing.

Friday I was so excited to speak, yet of course anxious. As anyone knows, when you are about to do something big for God, you will always get opposition from the enemy. Every.single.time I have spoken in the past, something happens beforehand to derail me. So I was just waiting at this point for the distraction. Bring it on. I’m ready…

And I was right…Friday brought about some worries. My daughter had a cut on her finger for a few weeks and it wasn’t healing. She had picked the scab and now it was looking quite nasty and possibly infected. It had a red ring around the outside and I was worried she needed to see a doctor.

We debated back and forth if we should take her to urgent care before I spoke. Finally, we found out there was a nurse at HEAV who could look at it. So we took her over and she recommended that we keep a very close eye on it, and if it changed to take her in, but for now it was OK.

I was relieved, and now determined to use the last hour before my presentation to pray over my session and keep focused. 

The week before our trip, I prayed every morning over the people that God would bring to my session. I asked Him to bring exactly who needed to hear this message. As we approached the time of my session, I said to my kids, “You know there are so many speakers here, perhaps NO ONE will end up showing up at my session.” I knew deep down though, that even if ONE person showed up, then that is who God wanted there. I knew it was His plan.

Finally, it was time for my session, and the room was actually filling up! I was thrilled…but, just as Satan does, He had one more plan of attack for me…

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