The Year The Forsythias Bloomed Twice

I have always loved the forsythias. To me, they are the sign that spring is here. When in full bloom those yellow rows just shout,” SPRING!” And even though they really don’t last much more than a week in their full glory, I soak it in when they are here knowing it won’t last long. It makes me a bit sad but helps to appreciate them that much more, because I know they will be gone shortly. I often wish for just one more week with those beautiful yellow blooms….

I remember last year, early one morning I awoke and my eyes opened to see directly out my window, there were beautiful forsythias in bloom. I thought about how it was just another little blessing that God provide here in our new home. Not only did I love every detail about this home, here he placed forsythias on the little hill directly outside my window, and I could see them from my bed each morning. What a treat!

Well just when you think you have already been blessed beyond measure, God sure can surprise you and take it even further. You see, this year I actually was in for a double blessing with my beloved forsythias…

Last week as you all know, we were in Nashville for the Teach Them Diligently Convention. The whole weekend was incredible and I just felt God carry us through the entire time. The drive down to Nashville was actually quite beautiful. The whole drive was pretty much dotted by cows and purple blooms all the way down. It was such a peaceful ride.

At one point, as we neared Nashville, we stopped at a rest area and I quickly noted that the forsythias were in full bloom! It was my first sight of them this year because we hadn’t had ours bloom up north yet. It was a pleasant surprise for sure.

And then, after a week home…guess what? The forsythias up north are beginning to bloom. So this year, I get to enjoy them…twice!

Seriously. How amazing is our God? He blesses us so much all the time and sometimes we just need to take notice.

He shows me daily through His creation so many things, and this year I just feel doubly blessed. Literally.

Just when we think we something may be enough, He gives us more. I think about how far He has brought our family in so many things…homeschooling and just working in our family in general.  He has given me books to write and speaking events. It is all just too much sometimes. I could never have dreamed up this life, but He did.

And He shows my daily, that if I submit to Him and let go of my plans…His are abundantly more.  And He can do anything…

Even make the forsythias bloom twice for me this year.

Grab my books!


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