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Homeschooling & Social Media Podcast Episode #19


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Let’s face it- social media can be our friend one day and our biggest enemy the next. However, we can choose to use it for good, or we can choose to let it consume us. Do you know that studies have shown, too much time on the internet can cause feelings of depression and discontentment? I bet the Bible doesn’t have those same statistics 😉 

Think about this: We wouldn’t normally socialize with all kinds of people during school time, so why do think it’s OK to be on social media during those hours? Look your kids in the eye and let them know they are more important than what acquaintances are doing on Facebook. Don’t have one eye on them and one on your phone. 

Join me as I talk about how we can handle social media use in our homeschool and make sure we stay focused on the task at hand.  

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