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Simplifying Back to (Home) School

I know this may sound strange…but if you want to prepare for your upcoming school year, get off the Internet! I know, I know, it is so full of wonderful resources, articles, blogs…oh, and Pinterest! So many ideas!

I have found myself there. Paralyzed by information overload. I start out with some quiet time to plan, and end up scrolling, clicking, and browsing through, only to find myself a few hours in, with nothing done. I usually end up feeling worse about my choices, because everyone else looks like they are doing so much more.

Homeschool mama…I want to remind you God is bigger than the Internet. He called you to homeschool and He will equip you His way. Sure the Internet is full of resources that are helpful, but we can’t rely on them or let them consume us.

The very best resource there out there for your homeschool is God and His Word. Do you spend time with him? Seeking Him? Asking Him to lead your homeschool and your choices? Do you fully rely on God?

Before you start planing your homeschool, pray. Read His Word. You will then be equipped for this journey.

Don’t get wrapped up in the Internet. 
Get wrapped up in Him. In His Word.

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