Let Me Go

I just wanted to share this beautiful sentiment from my husband. He wrote it following his dad’s passing last week. I pray it blesses you all. God is good. All the time.

We need only look to Jesus for our hope and our eternal future. There is nothing more than recognizing our own sinful nature, repenting of it, and trusting that His death is payment. We will then be reconciled with God and will spend eternal glory with Him. Nothing else needs to be done. Nothing mere man can do, will ever earn heaven- only what Jesus did. So cease striving. Rest in Him. He is enough.

Love to you all…

“Let me go” 
By Steve DeBeus

First, I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers, love and support over the past couple weeks. It has meant so much to our family during this time of loss.

After my Dad had passed my mom asked me if I wanted to say anything at His funeral. Thinking I would not be able to get through it without breaking down I declined.
While I’m glad I spared everyone from having to see me struggle through telling them all the great things about my Dad they all probably experienced in their own ways, I did have something I wanted to share, and it was something I gave a lot of thought to on my drives back and forth from home to the hospital to see him.

When I was young one of the things I looked forward to the most was, on Saturday afternoons my Dad and I would Lay on the couch together and watch some kind of Clint Eastwood western. During commercials we would play a game where we would pretend we were on top of a mountain on the edge of a cliff. I would roll off the edge of the couch and yell
“Dad don’t let me fall”
and He would grab my hand and say
“I got you”.
I would pretend to slip and say
“Don’t let me go!”
to which he would reply
“I’ll Never let you go. “
and He would pull me back onto the couch.
We would laugh and I do it over and over again.

The night before my Dad died I went to visit him in the hospital(he was in and out of consciousness at this point), and as I sat next to his bed I could not help think how I wanted to just lay next to him and hold him and say
“I got you and I won’t let you go”
and I kept playing those memories of the game we would play over and over in my mind. At one point he reached into the air and I asked
“what are you doing?”
and he told me “Let me go”

Whenever I would go to visit my Dad leaving the hospital was always the most difficult part of the visit, because I felt so bad leaving him alone. That night when I left I had a peace about leaving. You see the week before God gave me the opportunity and gift to talk to my Dad about his salvation, and he confirmed that he put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that His death was a sufficient sacrifice for his sins and all our sins.

I knew as I left the Hospital that day I could
“Let him go”, because He would be falling into the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you all so much for you prayers and love, it has truly been a blessing to my entire family during this time.


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