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Day 3: Using the Bible as our Main Text

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Part of the reason I am sharing the details in how we are using the Bible this year is because so many of you have written to me asking to see what our days looks like. Part of it is also helping me keep a log, so that later on I can maybe turn this all into an eBook for future use by others looking to do the same.

So here is what Day 3 looked like today: Still going well…with the usual attitude adjustments, arguments, and messes in there 😉 I must tell you, my husband is working from home now, so with all of us home, it can be challenging at times-I am constantly afraid the noise is disrupting him, the preschooler always wants to play with daddy…it is challenging. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and am trusting God to work through all of our challenges.  He calls us, and He equips us for the challenges!

So please know, we are a work in progress. Some things work, and others don’t but we are keeping our eyes on the prize…

Day 3:

First we all took turns reading through our passage for the week, and reciting the memory verse. (Genesis 1:1.)

We talked more about the Hebrew word “yom” in Genesis meaning “day”-a literal day (24 hours, which also brought us to review astronomy-why the 24 hour day, etc.) ) We discussed this word in detail and why we must believe God’s Word to be true. Without believing the first passage of Genesis 1, the rest of the Bible would mean nothing. Great discussion!

We read Chapter 8 from the Answers Book 1, by Ken Ham.

We then focused on verses 1:26-27, and being made in God’s image. The littlest guy made a booklet that I printed out for him all about himself.  While he colored that, the older kids and I discussed how we were made in God’s image. We talked about being image bearers of Christ. More really good discussions.

We went around the room saying one thing about each person they loved, and then one thing they loved about themselves. We talked about how every single person was made in God’s image, and God loves all people, no matter who they are. Therefore, we treat all people accordingly.

Next we made fingerprints and colored a worksheet about being unique.

One on the most important things I want my children to know is that their identity is in Christ, their value in in Him, and their worth comes from Him alone.

We then sang “How Great Thou Art.”  We are memorizing the words. I love how this song starts at creation, then talks about Jesus’ death on the cross, and then culminates at then with Christ’s return. I tear up every time I sing it, and get goosebumps!

For fun we all sang Happy Dayust love the excitement on their faces when we sang this one! {Click the link, it’s so fun!}

We talked about the historical timeline of creation. We remembered the American History we have been studying and I made sure everyone grasped the concept of time and where we are at now in our studies in history-the beginning of time. {even though God was always present}

Next we discussed our senses and how God made our senses to enjoy His creation. 
We explained them all to the preschooler. Then we did an experiment specifically on taste. With their eyes closed, I placed the following on their tongues: salt water, sugar water, lemon juice, coffee.

Before lunch we ended with a scavenger hunt. The preschooler had to find things of different colors, animals, bugs, etc.  The older kids did a Creation scavenger hunt. They called it a “Sketch-en-ger” hunt because I had them sketching in their notebooks each object they found.

Our “Sketch-enger” Hunt:


-Something created on Day 4

-Something created on Day 3

-Something created on Day 6

-Something created on day 5

-Something created on Day 2

– Something created on Day 1

– Something seed-bearing

(I put them out of order purposely to make sure they knew what was created each day)

After lunch each child worked on their individual work: Math (we use Math-U-See), writing assignments, spelling words, copywork, reading, Spanish, and then they were able to explore on their own: legos, outdoors, computer time, drawing, painting, crafts, video making/editing, etc.)
{All spelling words, some reading assignments, writing assignments, copywork come directly from the passages in scripture that we are studying this week.}

And finally…some fun highlights of the day:

Crayola Window markers- one person outside, while one inside draws accessories on the other! Funny mustaches, eyeglasses, etc. SO much fun!

Preschool bean fun!

Practicing spelling words by jumping to each letter- especially helpful for the boy who can’t sit still!

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