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Homeschooling is Messy

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As I looked around my house one day this week, I thought about what if someone unexpectedly stopped in? Would I shudder and cringe at the display of our messes? Yes, at one time I would.

Not anymore.

We homeschool. We Live. And it’s messy.
We clean up as we go along {or at least do our very best to try} and by the end of the day everything is back in order.  
 I have this house for living in, 
and we are going to live in it.
It’s a home, a classroom, a safe haven.
So if things get out of order during the day, I deal with it by making sure to teach the children we must put things back as we use them. From just a pencil down to craft supplies…put it back when you are finished and it won’t be missing when you need it.

Clutter stresses me out, so I try to eliminate as many extras around as possible.
Yet I realize that so much of their creativity is stifled when I am too aware of the mess.

These children are only children once. 
Right now they are living their memories of someday…
What do I want them to remember?

So, at any given moment during a weekday you may stop in and see:
  • Homemade playdough in every corner of the kitchen
  • Dried beans scattered about the kitchen while preschooler sorts them (and drops many in the process)
  • Books just about everywhere
  • Craft supplies strewn on the table
  • Creations hanging from the curtain rod, including a mobile of the days of Creation (at first I cringed, and then I saw the proud looks on my children’s faces when they displayed their work)
  • Scraps of papers from a preschooler learning to cut
  • Two dead wasps my son brought in to look at under the microscope (yup…)
  • Legos pretty much anywhere in the house (seems to be a universal problem for those with boys)
  • Dress up clothes out from the play the children made for me
  • Many, many possiblites, these just name a few!
So I am learning to let them be in the moment. God cares about their hearts on the inside and not the outside. Of course, we must learn to take care of our home, but I am OK with the unexpected visit…come in and see my mess…
It’ll be clean later, but right now the children are learning…and making memories…

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