Book Review: Doorposts: Polished Cornerstones

I recently won the book from Doorposts, “Polished Cornerstones.”  I won it on a contest Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers was holding on their facebook page. What an amazing resource!  I would recommend it to anyone with a daughter.

This is part of Doorposts character/Bible curriculum and “Polished Cornerstones” is specifically for girls ages 5-young adult.  The boys book is called “Plants Grow Up.”

It’s funny, I looked at both of these briefly at the ENOCH Convention in the spring.  I decided they were a bit too expensive and moved on.  I am so glad that I ended up winning this, because now that I have it in my hands and have had the time to go through it, I have realized what an amazing resource it is!

The book is divided up into several chapters.  They do not have to be completed in order.  Each chapter is based on a character trait of a godly woman.  For example:  “A Patient Woman”, “A Prayerful Woman”, “A Gracious Woman”, etc.  The purpose is to prepare our daughters to grow up to be godly women, and to prepare them for future relationships.

Each chapter is then broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  There are many activities within each age bracket for the child to complete.  Some can be done alone, others with mom or the family.  There are Bible activities, crafts, etc. all based on the character trait.

I can not say enough about how good this book is.  I am actually doing some of the older activities for myself alongside Grace!  It’s really fun!

So far we are working through “A Peacemaking Woman.”  We memorized Psalm 133:1 together and part of the activity had us look up various translations of the verse as well.  Today Grace had to go through to find different verses in Proverbs about contentious women, peacemaking, and reproof.  Then she had to illustrate one on her own.  She illustrated Proverbs 27:15, “A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day.”  Oh, did we have fun with that one!  But all kidding aside, we did discuss why we want to be peacemaking and not quarrelsome.

I definitely will be purchasing “Plants Grow Up” next to use with the boys.  With three boys in the house it is a wise investment.  I can’t wait to get it!

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