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First Day Homeschool 2011-2012

Our first day went amazingly well!  Everyone was excited and I am glad to have some structure to our day again.

We began with Bible time and then read from A is for Adam from Answers in Genesis.

Next we looked at all of our new books for the year and I went over expectations for everyone.

Then we had our individual time together and after lunch we did our together work.

Ethan (2.5) is beyond excited to have his own “schoolwork” and loved his “bean box.”  He played with this all morning!

The older kids also worked on our computer making movies with iDVD and had a blast.  They figured out how to use the program on their own.

What I LOVE:

Sandi Queen’s Language Lessons: John (6) already did 5 lessons today.  He did not want to stop! Luke enjoyed his book as well.

Sandi Queen’s A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessi.  This is our science curriculum for this year and it looks awesome.  Each lesson involves a hands on nature lesson, usually outdoors.  I will write a review after we have completed some lessons.

Grace is still loving Life with Fred (Fractions) and we will continue with it.

I love having Ethan home with us and doing his own thing.  (preschool)

We now have a couch in our “school” room and it’s great to cuddle up while reading together…

Now, I know from experience the first day is ALWAYS great, and then slowly the novelty wears off….And of course there are many bad days mixed with the good.  

But for today, I am feeling very blessed and grateful.

I never would have expected to be doing homeschool for 6 years now, and am so grateful for the blessing it is in our life.

ALL the glory to Him!

If you just started your year, how did it go?
Comment below!

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