Simple Preschool Fun! Bean Box!

I used this idea many years back when my daughter was preschool age.

A bean box.

So simple.  

Yet for some reason-so fun for little ones. (Admittedly my TEN year old even played with it this week 😉

All you need is several bags of dried beans. (I used about 4 of different varieties)

A large plastic container.  The bigger, the better.
If it’s big enough, they can sit in it!
It’s like an indoor sandbox!

Lots of scoopers, measuring spoons, cups, toy cars, boats, dump trucks, etc.

Ethan literally played with this ALL day during our first day of school. ALL of the kids played with him at some point.  They scooped and poured, drove trucks around in it, pretended they were cooking, etc.

I will also have him sort the beans by color, size, etc.

So simple.
So fun.

Beans and a box!

Have fun!

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