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My husband and I had a great discussion last night about why we homeschool.  We were discussing how different people have different reactions when we tell them we homeschool.  One being the age old “what about socialization?” and another about homeschooled kids not living in the real world.

Well most of us know the answer about socialization.  My kids are very involved in outside activities so it is not even an issue, as are most homeschooled kids.

And living in the real world?  YES, They actually do!

For instance,  in real life I do not only associate or spend the day with 25 people of my own age.  In fact most of my friends are NOT my age.  I have many older, younger, and a few friends that are just my age.  And this is true in homeschooling…our kids are around people of all ages, all the time.

I do not choose to hang around drugs, alcohol, bullies, etc.  Yet sending your child into an environment like this is considered not only acceptable, but NORMAL?

I pray that as homeschooling becomes more widespread (in fact statistics show that it has more than DOUBLED in the past 10 years)~, people will become more informed about the homeschool life.

I do not judge anyone’s choice about schooling.  That is unique to each family and I respect all decisions.   And I hope that others respect our decision and see that homeschooled kids live in REAL life each day with people of all ages, learning the household tasks which will be needed later in life, and in a safe environment where they are taught our values and morals.  We can rid ourselves of the distractions and Simply Live…For HIm!

Praise God for homeschooling!

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