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Glimpses of Heaven…

Simple glimpses of heaven are here on earth, each day…if we just choose to see them….

An unexpected kiss from a son

A baby’s belly laugh

A robin scurrying in the yard to fetch worms for her baby

Waking up to another rose in bloom

Friends who care in all times, good or bad, ugly or pretty, authentic and true

A church family drying each other’s tears, knowing there is eternal life together

Gratitude for time spent with loved ones, no matter how short

When two people connect, with no words, just glances

A rainbow in the sky

Drops of rain permeating the air with their fragrant smell

Friends praying together

Fireflies lighting up the yard at dusk…joy filled innocence running to catch ’em

The perfect scripture that reaches deep down into your soul, at just the right time

Hearing a favorite hymn

The sound of silence early in the morning

Sunrises that light the sky on fire, all shades of pink

Unexplainable joy, in all circumstances

Fields of sunflowers

Hands holding tight to each other

Cuddles on the couch

These things pale in comparison what awaits us in glory,
 but they are glimpses of that day, 
when all will be well…with my soul…

“Consider it all joy” James 1:2
What are you considering joy today and a glimpse of heaven?

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