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Be Careful Little Eyes What You See…

I came dowstairs the other day and the kids had been watching “America’s Got Talent.”
But here they sat, with the TV off, remote in hand…
“What’s the matter?” I asked.

Grace responded, “An inapporpriate performer came on, so we turned it off.”

Just wow.

These are the moments you hope for, but when they happen, you are still in disbelief.

One of my major goals in raising my children, and in homeschooling, is NOT to create little robots of what we want.  But to instill our beliefs and teach from God’s Word, so that in the end our children OWN their relationship with the Lord.  They have  a personal relationship with Him, and their convictions will cause them to make decisions.  Not mommy and daddy standing close by, so they feel forced to make certain decisions.

And here was a perfect example. Something inapproriate came on the tv, and by their own convictions they turned it off. They were offended.  They weren’t triyng to get a peak while mommy was still upstairs.  They were personally offended, and they knew God would not want them to watch.

I pray for my children to each grow into the individual God created them to be.  And not who I want the to be.  That they have a close and personal relationship with Him on their own.

Many people think in homeschooling we are sheltering our children.  My children are not sheltered, but rather I feel that we are teaching them how to respond in all kinds of situations, and not putting them in those situations until they are ready.  Our goal is that when we are not there, they choose the right path.

The funny thing is, since this incident, it has happened several more times…they will turn off the TV when an inapprorpitate commercial comes on or any scene in a show they find offensive.  I chuckle…and I wonder, will soon the tv be turned off all together? (we don’t even have cable tv, and yet there is still so much ungodly tv out there)….

But that’s a whole other post althogether….

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